Windows 8 Graphics problem.


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Nov 30, 2012
Anyone else getting this weird, blurry font and missing text on the start screen side of things? Everything desktop is working just swell for me.
Windows IE10 Showing boxes and arrows instead of text when you wave the mouse over.
You can't use any links in the desktop to bring on explorer ie10. You just get error messages.

When I mouse over text, it'll sharpen up for a while, It's still not as sharp as it should be. Text will straight up go missing, My personalization menus are almost blacked out.

I actually fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling my GTX 570 drivers. It's then ok till I switch on the next morning. Then it magically comes back the next day.
I'm using Windows pro 8 upgrade which is 1 week old.
Can someone please help me


the blurry text sounds like the FXAA in the nvidia control panel is switched on. This gives a type of full screen anti alaising and can make text blurry at times.
If that isn't the case may I ask if your machine is fully upgraded with the latest drivers and bios?

Also can you list your set up and how you installed win 8, upgrade or clean install?

If the graphics change does not fix the problem, I suspect an Upgrade Installation was used. There have been many reported "strange" problems with the Upgrade. This type of installation depends very heavily upon the original OS and how good it is and how everything installed is interacting with the OS.

If the OP decides a reinstallation is in order I would go back to the email receipt and use the link near the top of the email to start the process over again. During the process I would choose Install later by creating media, then burn the ISO file to DVD or Flash drive for use during the installation. Use the Custom Install to get a much more pristine installation. Install all the apps you need and customize your OS.

Once your back up and running start using Imaging to back up your system.

I have already made sure that the setting for FXAA is "OFF".
Yes this is a windows upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8
I have already burned the ISO to disc of Windows 8 before I actually upgraded.
Before I originally upgraded I already removed all software that was not compatable for Windows 8
Another thing I noticed is My games don't work. When I press the Icon for a game on the desktop nothing happens.
Once I re-install the graphics driver everything inc. games work well.
It's yet another day and I am having to re-install the graphic drivers.
Any other sugestions and help would be much appreciated.
I am at a loss as to what the problem could be.

Go to the Control panel - System, and select, over on the left, "Advanced System Settings"
Click the Hardware tab and Tick "No - Let me decide what to do" - Save Changes.
I would also reccomend that, in Windows Update settings, you select the option to "Check for updates but let me choose...etc" When you choose, nless you want something in particular, always reject (hide) the graphics updates.

Thanks. I have already ticked "NO" Let me decide what to do.
Still the same problem.

Can you list your system specification and if all drivers and bios is updated?

I spent a total of 5 hours installing Win 8 Pro using a Custom Install with format. I had to reinstall all my apps and update everything, including Office 2010 Pro with about 500Mb of updates. I also had to customize everything to my liking. I also created 3 Images using Acronis True Image 2013, 2 intermediate and a final when completed. All this was accomplished in approx. 5 hours.

I forgot to mention, this included the download of the ISO file and burn to DVD.

At some point you have to look at how many hours you are spending trying to chase ghosts around your PC and make a decision whether it would be more time effective to Custom install Win 8 Pro while saving nothing and starting over.

If you do decide to, make sure you back up all your data, or create a separate data partition and move all your data to the separate partition using the approved method. In this way your data would not be affected at all by the reinstallation.

Once you have completed your reinstallation simply use the same method to change the pointers once again to the data partition. I have had a separate data partition for several years, and have restored the OS many times (I like to play with many different things and cause problems that an Image restore is quicker to solve) without affecting the data at all.

Once things are running properly (our 2 installations have been perfect from day one) start creating Images. I create a new Image of my OS once per month right after patch Tuesday so my Images are all fairly up to date.

I used this exact procedure on both our laptops and never looked back. In about 10 hours I had 2 pristine installations of Win 8 Pro including Media Center that have been perfect since the installation (over a month now). How many hours have you worked on trying to solve the problem?

Everything on my computer is up to date. I have always been very good on housekeeping and only using the latest versions of software.
Reading your above thread. it was like listening to me. I do exactly the same as you. I also use Acronis True image to backup my computer as often as needed. I have been thinking about a clean install. The problem I have is It would take a lot longer than 5 hours. I have a lot of software on my computer and the data files are enormous. It would take me longer than 5 hours to just install Microsoft FSX with all its data and then setting FSX up for example.
There must be an easier solution or I'm hoping there is out there.
I will post my system spec in a few min..

My Spec
Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit
Mother Board. ASRock 890GX Extreme 4
CPU. AMD Phenon II X 6 22800Mhz 6 Core.
Asus GTX 570 Graphics card
The whole system is about 6 months old.

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Even without a reinstallation, moving all the data files to a separate partition will make the data safer if the OS gets trashed. I have never used FSX, so have no idea what it entails. Unfortunately there might not be a solution because the problem might lie with interactions between various apps and the OS. No one can anticipate all the problems that might be encountered when upgrading from one OS to another with so much installed S/W.

I suppose my installed apps are less, but then again I have 35 installed apps above what comes with Win 8, including a full install of Office 2010 Pro.

I can relate to the frustration. I have a good card that worked on my older system under win 7 and worked well. Under win 8 the picture is all blocky and it just shuts off the monitor two seconds into the windows boot. I'm so ready to take both systems back to Win 7. And that's even with updated drivers, when it stays on long enough to get that far.

Yes I can understand. My card is only 6 months old and cost me a lot of money.
My pictures fine until I switch on the next morning. Then I have to reinstall the graphics drivers.
I hope someone can help me with my problem.

Nice system.. To be honest I'd be doing a clean install myself. I don't like upgrades anyway as any issues with the old os could be carried over with the upgrade.

Unfortunately, it does not even have to be a poorly running system. A great running system with just the right combination of apps could cause problems just as badly as a poorly running system.

I always advocate a Custom (Clean) install as well. I have NEVER been let down by doing this. When I installed Win 8 Pro on our laptops, during the installation I formatted both partitions holding Win 7 then installed Win 8 Pro. This is an easy operations. After you choose Custom Install, on the next screen you will see a link for Advanced Disk Options. Choose this, then highlight your present OS and choose Format. The installation continues afterward.

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I absolutely agree with you. The best option is always a clean boot of any operating system. I am trying to avoid a clean install because it would take me a week to put everything back in again.
I will see if anyone else out there has an answer to my problem for a few more days. If I can't resolve it then I will have to do a Clean Install of Windows 8 which I know how to do. It's ashame. My computer works brilliantly until I shutdown at the end of the day with no problems. The next morning I switch "ON" and when fully booted the graphics start to play up. I then reinstall the graphics driver and everything is then ok for the day.

I do understand. As I said it took me about 5 hours per PC. But that was after several installations of various beta OSs to learn how to best do things. I had a written list of how I had to install things, in what order, with everything listed so I did not forget things. Plus my data was already segregated on a separate partition on both PCs so as to be safe during the installation. I did format the installation partitions without touching the Data partition so this was a big help as I did not have to put all the Favorites, Documents, Pictures, Music etc. back into the OS. I just had to change the pointers in the new OS to the Data partition.

I do wish you luck in getting things working. I do know how daunting things seem at times. I often felt that when in the past, during the 95/98/XP era. Things got better with Win 7 and much better with Win 8, but is not perfect.