Windows 7 Great way to report most of your problems


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well here is a new thing in windows 7 called "Problem Steps Recorder" . for anyone having any problem please use this as i found it very usefull.

Go to Start menu
In the search program and files type "Record Steps"
select the 1st one on the list as shown here:

Then a window should pop up as shown here:

press the start record button to let it record anything you do.
click the add comment and it will take a picture of whatever is going on.
you then highlight what is the problem and add your comment in the box at corner as shown here:

after you are done stop recording.
save it and name it whatever you want.
post it here and we will try our best to help you.

the reason why it is good cause it shows exactly what is going on and gives you addition info used for those higher IT people. also shows screenshots and lets you add comments. this is a great thing that i found thanks to this video

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