Windows 7 Green ribbon/bar of death


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I have spent all weekend reinstalling windows after all the problems I was having, ive installed all updates an all my programs and one of the problems I had before has returned but not as bad

when i open "my computer" nothing shows in there and the green bar slowly goes along and keeps repeating? - when I had this problem previously it was intermittent (as it is now) but also affected Control Panel and some other folders...where as this is just My computer (for now)

pffft!! computers... who needs them!

EDIT: may have fixed it... think it was UltraISO virtual drive... I turned that off and its working again but early days...

EDIT2: now right click just hangs and hangs...never appears

EDIT3: its back!!

EDIT4: have removed lots of "right-click" context menu stuff using Autoruns (leaving only Winrar) and it seems to be working now.. early days.. dunno which one is culprit, ive a sneaky feeling its ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 2013 as now i think about it this problem happened after around about the same time I installed that last time too, ive used all other apps for years without issue..this is a new one too me.

EDIT5: nope its back again!!


can anyone help please?

Is this a retail PC or a custom build? How did you reinstall the OS...system restore, system factory install or a clean install w/out all the bloatware?
hi, thanks for your reply

sorry for missing out critical info...

its a self build... new, about 4 months ago:

core-i5 3470 @ 3.2Ghz
8Gb Crucial Ballistix
Gigabyte H77M-D3H
120Gb Samsung 840 SSD (Sata3)
500Gb Seagate Barracuda (Sata2)
Intel 4965AGN PCI-Ex1 Wifi
450 Watt XFX Pro Core Edition PSU

windows was a fresh install off USB HDD as I dont have a DVDRW, Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit.

I think I know what it might be - True Image 2013, as this is the only new program on both windows install that ive not used before and this problem happened since... I also thought it may be Microsoft Sky Drive as it adds a drive folder in "favourites" which shows in the sidebar in explorer, so I uninstalled Sky Drive first and the problem seemed to be gone (but its intermittent anyway) and ive now uninstalled True Image 2013 just for good measure, I will use something else too make backups (preferably something that can create bootable USB device to restore an image)

I will report back here if it starts up again... ive a feeling it probably will - if it does then Iam reinstalling again but making full backups with something else once windows and windows updates are fully installed, then one every few programs I add