Group Policy Registry help!!!!

I'm running Win7 Home Premium and one of the features not in this edition is the group policies...... Which I need.

I've checked out the registry spreadsheets but to no avail.

I'm trying to get a batch file to run at system shutdown. Here is exactly what i need to do, but in registry form!!!

1) Create a batch file named "AudioStop.bat" using a text editor (notepad will work)
2) Right Click on newly created .bat file >"edit" and enter following 2 lines:

net stop "Audiosrv"
net stop "AudioEndpointBuilder"

3) Save file as "AudioStop.bat" in directory c:\ProgramData\
4) Open "run" from start menu and enter "gpedit.msc" (without quotes) and hit "OK"
5) Now navigate on left pane of window "Computer Configuration" > "Windows Settings" > "Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)"
6) On right pane of window, double click on "Shutdown"
7) From window that opens, Click "Add" then browse to where you saved "AudioStop.bat" earlier and double click on it
8) Hit "Apply" and close.

I've done the batch file, that was easy, and the rest of it would have been easy too except for the lack of group policies!!!

If anyone can talk me through getting this into the registry that would be amazing and i would be eternally greatful!



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Group Policy editor (gpedit.msc) does nothing more than interface the registry. Group Policy settings are actually just registry keys, so on a Home machine without the GPedit console, simply open regedit and browse to:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup]

And add your scripts here.

If you cant tell how to add them, look at a machine with Professional that has GPedit at the same registry location to see the correct method of adding your script.

Hope this helps!

Its the shutdown that i need and unfortunatly, I don't have a system running windows 7 pro anywhere in veiwing distance :(

So if someone could snapshot me theirs or type it out if they don't want to snapshot their registry, that would be cool!

I found this which all seems plausable, its the chunk of reg about half way down

Shut Down Script - MSFN

I just have to wait till tomorrow to do it though now cause I'm exhausted! Lol.

I'll report back with my findings :)

Still no joy :(

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