Grouping and sorting like Vista

Hello everyone,
this is my first post in this forum, so I would to thank everyone that will reply to me.
Please assume that I've already searched a solution in this forum at my question before I post it.
So, I would show in Explorer, like in Vista, the columns titles at the top for ANY visualization, for quick grouping and sorting .
Should someone know how to do this?


Francesco Rombecchi

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?



Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forums.
As far as I know the only "View" that preserves the column headers that you are looking for is the "Details" view.
In other "Views" quick grouping and sorting is accomplished with a simple right click of any blank area inside of the individual folder and making your choices from the context menu.
The "feature" that you refer to, I believe, was abandoned during the development of Windows 7.
You're not the only one who seems to miss it just google "preserve column headers in windows 7 explorer views" and you'll find others who would like to see the option in Windows 7 explorer, but as far as I know it is no longer available, unless there are some third party alternatives that I am unaware of.

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