Windows 7 Grrr, Taskbar resizing! :|


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Hey guys, just seeing if anyone has a fix for this one yet. For those who have started installing custom themes (whether it be with Ave Styler, or whatever way you go about it,) has anyone else found a registry fix or anything that will make it so my taskbar doesn't need to be re-sized every time I restart my computer?
I made another video just showing the example of what happens... pretty much whenever I restart my computer, log off, or my explorer crashes, my taskbar pretty much resets itself into not using small icon mode. It's not that big of a deal, I just am tired of changing it every time I restart...
is what it looks like before I restart
is what it looks like after I restart... so I have to manually go in and uncheck and check in small icons again to get it back to normal.



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Maybe try this.... Turn off UAC if it is still on.... Reboot.... make the changes to your settings as normal
Reboot,,, turn UAC back on and reboot.

See if that fixes the issue.

However,,,,,,,, if the modifications you are making are changing windows files and WFP (Windows File Protection) doesn't like the changes,,, it could be replacing (fixing) that particular file.

I won't say how to disable WFP.


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I may have misunderstood, but I thnk all you have to do is right click the taskbar and select properties. Then click "Use small icons".


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Is your Taskbar locked? If not, after you set it to small icons, right click the taskbar and click "Lock the taskbar".


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It is typical behavior in some cases where your PC crashes that the taskbar resets itself to the default position and icon size.

I can't understand how this could happen if you simply restart your machine.

How are you making these custom themes? Just by choosing Personalize?

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