What is served by grumbling? Many, may find things fun, easy, convenient, find a few things out over time & find things appealing. But, what is served by grumbling? I've found lots of neat, likable Features, have things arranged is using is comfy, I've discovered some cool paths to things, FILE in Explorer windows is terrific (cmd right there), the Ribbon is great presentation, seeing Messenger conversations w/out needing the conversation window on the screen, the way Search works & applications, setting & more gets displayed, the speed but, even more than that, the ease on resources... there's far more (things & reasons) virtuous & positive than to spend so much negativity over this new design.

Don't make me sorry I wrote this or for expressing a not unique view nor it is expected all people will share the same view or be 'converted'. That is a given.




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I agree - I didn't even grumble about Vista - only updated to Win7 a few weeks ago for the mental exercise & curiosity - but then that is easy to say when one is retired & computing is mainly a hobby. Working with it may be more of a frustration.
Cheers, Graham. :teeth_smile:

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