GTA IV and a patched Windows 7 install

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    OK, so I tried patching 7 to remove the watermarks and stuff, and after that, I tried installing GTA IV, which ended up in a "not compatible" error. Tried the XP SP2 compatibility mode, but it displays a "setup has stopped working" message. A guy in this forum stated that reinstalling 7 to restore the nag messages solved his problem, but I don't want to spend another hour reinstalling the OS. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: OK, so it turns out that there was a permission conflict or some sort after modifying the system files. I did practically everything to get rid of the problem, and I nearly wound up into reinstalling the whole operating system.

    According to maxwin of Neowin Forums:

    You may either sticky or lock this topic for those users who want to get rid of the watermark, but don't want to end up having reduced functionality.
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