Windows 7 GTA IV Crash to desktop - need serious help

Hi, i have a problem with the game GTA IV, the problem is that it will crash to the desktop without an error message.
When i start the game, everything is smooth, no lag, nothing wierd but then like 3-5 minutes after that it will crash.
I dont think it's because i have a bad computer. When i had Windows Vista home premium X64 the game worked fine and i didn't get anything wrong, but now in windows 7 i get this crash.

This is my computer setting:
Processor: AMD athlon dual core 3.2 X2 6400+
Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 512 MB
Hard disk: 500 gb
O/S: Windows 7 ultimate X64 (retail)
Motherboard: Asus M2N-SLI

I would be very, very and once again VERY happy and thankfull if anyone can help me solve this problem.

Thank you for your help!:razz:

Forgot to tell that i have tested to run it in compatible mode and that stuff, didnt work, the game is up to date...

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Can anyone help me please?

Please help me anyone!


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Sorry to hear you have that perfectly on mine so I can't understand why so many having issues, other than checking latest drivers not really much advice i can add. BTW I'm running mine with the unofficially leaked securom fix that surfaced briefly on the securom site when one of thier workers put the wrong update out that was actually securom free version of GTA4 launcher...still needs original game serial to play online I might add, so I don't know why they removed the fix as saves scratching up my original dvds.

Update video drivers (v195 is out now)
Update system drivers
Try Disable Anti-Virus while playing to see if thats an issue
Check all ya hardware is not overheating etc

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OK, ty for your respond, i followed some steps and none of my hardware is overheating, downloaded the new beta driver, my system drivers are up to date.
I will test the game and see if it fixes the error, i will report back.

TY VERY VERy much for your respond, here you get a taco xD

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