I currently use a 9800GX2 card and you will see my system specs listed below. Will i get any great increase in performance if i fit a GTX295 instead for playing the latest games??
For example i use 16xAA and 16xAF in CODWAW stutter free and other new(ish) titles too.



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I'm unsure as to the difference between the two cards (power wise) although you can always check the VGA charts at 3D Guru:
Guru3D VGA Charts

I did have a quick look and the 295 may be a bit new as I couldn't see any figures but I did only take a quick look..
The rule of thumb I always stick to is 25%. I'll explain.. Whenever I upgrade either chips or graphics I want to see an increase of at least 25% otherwise you just won't notice the difference really.
Take my current card for example, a ATI 4870, now they have just released a 4890 but the power increase is only like 10% or so which you'll hardly notice really (and certainly not worth £200!) So what I do is wait a generation or two and then see whats available. I know the next gen stuff will be out later this year (DX11 cards) so it might be worth waiting especially as I don't see the 295 giving that much more than the card you already have.

I think this card uses 2 GPU's so its like having 2 gfx cards. I would def recommend this card.

My current 9800GX2 also has two GPU's.


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Hi Phil,
I still think it's worth while waiting but i also know what it's like when you want to get that next upgrade and patience just doesn't come into it...;)

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