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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by johnny quid, Aug 2, 2010.

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    Hi Folks,

    A Newbie to this forum, but used to post regularly on xp/vista forums (before shutdown) and

    The problem i have is with a group machine running 7 64bit (build 7600) with 1xAdim (myself) & 4xStd Accounts.
    However when i turn on the guest account,then try to log-on (after all others logged off) using said account i get the welcome screen (sounds good so far) :rolleyes: for around a minute, then get a message from the system saying that the account cannot access M/S sans service:confused: and to contact administrator.
    I have never came across this type of error before and would be most grateful for the forums input/solutions.

    Thanks in advance
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    Sans service is a virus.
    Sens Service is System Event Notification Service.
    Would I be correct to say you see the second warning?

    Try rebooting and do it again to see if it's ok. If not continue reading...


    The Sens service (or "System Event Notification Service") relies on the "Event System" service.

    Go into services.msc as previously, and make sure that this service is set
    to 'automatic' startup. and if not change it and reboot ....

    COM+ Event System

    Also check your list of services (click at the top of the 'Name' column first to sort them) for this entry "System Event Notification Service" to make sure that it's also on automatic. If it's not there at all, then post back. If it already says "Autimatic", then click on the "Recovery" tab at the top, and change the "First Failure" line to "Restart the Service", then click on "apply" and OK..


    Try disabling Windows Defender in services.

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