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I have recieved Several PM regarding the award system So I am making a guide.

The Award/Achievement system is there to offer a challenge to our members to try and reach the achievements and try to be top dog in the rankings As a side note staff members are not eligible to recieve any award or achievement besides Premium Supporter and Website Helper and they are not included in the rankings. The reason for this is mainly that many of our staff members would dominate the lists and it would not be fair to the other members. The award and achievements are located in 2 places on the site the first is by clicking on the interests drop-down box on top of page and clicking awards. The rest of the awards are located under the community drop-down button labeled experience. Here are some links.

Windows 7 Forums - Windows 7 Forums Experience
Windows 7 Forums - Awards

Many of you might have noticed sometimes under your notifications that you get a issued/removed award or achievement this is just a friendly reminder to check your acheivements. Most Achievements and awards are automatically granted and removed depending on if you meet the criteria the exeception to this is the awards located here. Windows 7 Forums - Awards You might notice you can recommend an award for problem solver and user of the month. If you feel someone on the forum besides a staff member is worthy of the award just click the button and follow the directions it will post a thread in the open topic forums located here for members to vote on. But final approval to grant that award is given and granted only by an admin.

All the things you can earn under Windows 7 Forums - Windows 7 Forums Experience are automatic so one member could have the activity award one minute and lose it the next to the most active member. Only one person at a time can have a particular award but you could have more than one award at once for example you might have both the most popular award and the activity award. But once someone else beats you they are granted the award and you automatically return it. The acheivements are different as long as you meet the criteria you get the acheivement if you go below the criteria. You lose the achievement but some will never go away like the days since registered. I hope this helps if you have any questions please post them. thanks :p

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