H.264 MP4 Sound Only In Win 7 Media Center

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    I've just upgraded my vista media center to windows 7 7077 build and the new Media Center doesnt seem to support H.264 video play back.

    I did have the CCCP Community Codec Pack installed (for vista play back) but as Win 7 is supposed to support h.264 as standard I uninstalled it.

    In Windows Media Player my H.264 encoded movies work perfectly fine, but when i try and play them through windows media center all I get is the sound and a black picture.

    Anyone know why it doesnt work in media center but it does in media player?

    I've also installed quicktime to see if that helped, but it didnt.

    Does anyone know how to get pictures as well as just sound on h.264 in win 7 media center?!
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    First open WMP and go to Options, then the DVD tab. If the Advanced button is not greyed, you can view information about all the codecs. If it's grayed I'd recommend a couple codecs options

    First: Win7codecs 1.0.7 Final
    |MG| Win7codecs 1.0.7 Final

    or the standalone h.64 filter available here:
    x264 Video Codec r1143
    |MG| x264 Video Codec r1143

    FFdshow is also another great codec, using the Dolby Surround feature it made a huge quality improvment.

    Try this Google search:
    ffdshow for windows 7

    make sure to create a restore point

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