Windows 7 Hacker Detained at Airport

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    Why are the feds trailing Moxie Marlinspike?
    By Dan Goodin in San FranciscoGet more from this author
    Posted in ID, 19th November 2010 19:25 GMT
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    Last weekend, as US-based security researcher Moxie Marlinspike snoozed during a layover at the Frankfurt Airport, he awoke to a scene straight out of a Franz Kafka novel.
    “Some dude shows up with a picture of me on his cell phone, and he's just looking through the crowd at the gate until he finds me,” Marlinspike told The Register. “He takes me away [and says] 'I have some questions for you that you have to answer.'”
    DHS airport spooks stalk star hacker ? The Register

    They all seem to be keeping a close eye on this guy.

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