Windows 7 Hackers Access McDonald's Customer Data

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    An unknown number of McDonald's customers may be at risk after authorities discovered that hackers broke into one of the company's business partner's databases and stole information.

    Computerworld quotes a McDonald's spokeswoman as saying:
    We have been informed by one of our long-time business partners, Arc Worldwide, that limited customer information collected in connection with certain McDonald’s websites and promotions was obtained by an unauthorized third party.​
    Arc partnered with an unidentified e-mail company to manage McDonald's customer information database. This e-mail company's systems were infiltrated.

    Source: Hackers Access McDonald's Customer Data | Security |

    The information does not include Social Security numbers or credit card information, but rather what was required to confirm the customer’s age, methods to contact the customer and other general preference information, says the spokeswoman.

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