Haircut left half done after 'scissors attack' results in unfortunate mugshot

A man from Connecticut has been left with a rather bizarre mugshot after being arrested for stabbing a man who was braiding his afro.

David Davis from Newhaven, in Connecticut, was having his hair done when he allegedly grabbed some scissors, slashed his barber's back and fled the scene.

Police officers then found him in a nearby apartment and arrested him on a previous warrant for failing to appear in court. He has since been charged with the scissor attack.

However, as the alleged crime occurred halfway through the haircut, Mr Davis' mugshot shows him with half his afro braided and the other half left loose.

The 21-year-old is now due to appear in court on assault charges on March 22nd. He maintains that the victim approached him in an 'aggressive manner' and he was forced to reach for the scissors in self-defence.

Mr Davis can perhaps take comfort in the fact that he is not the only man to have his mugshot become an internet sensation.

David Jonathan Winkelman's snap from when he was pulled in on a misdemeanour charge shows him with a tattoo of a local radio station logo on his forehead.

Mr Winkelman and his stepbrother Richard Goddard got the logo tattoos in 2000, after a presenter suggested anyone who did so would get a six-figure sum, a claim which later turned out to be a joke.

More Haircut left half done after 'scissors attack' results in unfortunate mugshot

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