hal.dll and ntsokrnl.exe

So the past couple of days I've been hit hard with Hal.dll 0x124 stop errors.
It's happened 3x while using google chrome and twice while running battlefield bad company 2.

No hardware changes in the past month. No added hardware either.
Recently build a completely new machine because of BSOD errors 2 months ago with my faulty motherboard causing the issue. Absolutely everything is brand new except the video card.
EDIT: complete SF diagnostic tool upload is in my next post.



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I now added everything from the SF Diagnostic Tool if needed.

I noticed some fixes to the error being remove Easy Tuner but I don't have it installed.
I've also changed my ram from 1600mhz to 1333mhz in the bios but no changes. Also changed my 4.8ghz to 3.4ghz and still the same error.
I hear this error can occur from under/over voltage however I have no experience with voltages, they are all automatically set.


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I read up on this for hours and I upped my voltage on my RAM. Seeing as the bluescreen viewer kept failing at a certain referenced point I thought it could be faulty ram.
BC2 would crash well under 3 minutes into the game. I've just played it for 2 hours straight with no hitch.
Google chrome is no longer crashing so far either
I'll post back if there is any further issue..

To note:
I'm using Ripjaw ram with a 2600K cpu.
Went from AUTO voltage (which was ~1.5) and upped it to 1.575 and it seems to be perfectly stable. Don't know why this issue occured in the first place as it ran perfectly fine for a couple of months after i put it all together. Just for reference to anyone else who has issues with hal.dll and ends up googling it :p

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