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Windows 7 Half of my files are gone


New Member
Jun 1, 2009
I am running Windows 7 RC and my Philips BDD1001 Blu-ray drive is not working so I tried installing Dell Support Center and now many many things are wrong with Windows 7. None of my applications or windows applications show up and all of my files in the Libraries section are gone. It still has the framework of folders but it is like the folders have all been rewritten or the files are hidden except for the temporary internet files.

Are all of my files gone or is there some partitioning that the Dell program did to me?

Thanks for your help.
Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

Have you uninstalled the Dell Support Center?.. or did it even finish installing..?
It crashed in the middle of installing, and then I rebooted it kind of installed and I could actually see my blu ray drive, then because everything was gone I uninstalled it yet everything is still missing. It shows the applications in the x86 windows folder but they do not show up in the applications portion.