Windows 7 Hang after resume from "Turn Off The Display"


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Yes. I've found another little problem. I have the power settings set to turn off the display after 30 minutes. Whenever I resume work, the screen stays black. Ctrl+Alt+Del ha a very slow response and goes to the blue selection screen. None of the selections work. Thus I have to reboot.

I will test to see if the time limit is causing the issue and set it to a lower number.

I've also noticed that win7 turns off inactive hard drives. I have 3 sata drives connected and the OS drive stays on, but after several minutes of inactivity, the other 2 drives turn off. This is annoying when you go to explorer to open a file and you have to wait for the drives to go through there power up cycles.

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Windows 7 7077

*edit I found "Change advandced power settings" in the "Change settings for the plan: Balanced" window. In there saw that the option Hard disk\Turn off hard disk after\Setting: 20 minutes. I hope this fixes the hard drive sleeping issue.
*edit I set the "Turn off display" to 1 min. Resuming did not hang. Somethings happening after 30 mintutes and I've checked all the timers in advanced settings and they are set "never".
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