Hard disc space issue.

Hi I have just upgraded my new laptop from vista to windows 7 via a disc from Acer.

As it was new i didn't have much worth saving so I opted for what I thought was a clean install.

All went ok, but now I notice my hard disc is showing 109gb disc space used when before it was only 20gb ish. Obviously I have done something wrong, the

question is what and how can I rectify it. Any help would be most appreciated.

Found the problem myself so don't worry about answering this post, thanks. posted below is how I found it.

right clicked computer
click properties
click system properties (top left)
click on configure
see how much space is taken up by system restore points. (on my computer it was just under 64GB)
Choose yourself want you want to do about it. leave it as is, delete all restore points etc etc.


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Glad you've fixed the problem,
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums, I hope to see you around actively here! :)

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