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Can anyone tell me is there any Hard Disk Cloning program similar to the Seagate Disk Wizard or Norton's Ghost that is compatible with Windows 7

I tried using the Seagate Disk Wizard which I'd been using succesfully under WIN XP PRO and it creamed my backup HD and I had to reformat it

Perhaps there is a Windows 7 version of SDW available or coming soon ?

I'd prefer a free program if there's one around yet !!

Thanks in advance for your help



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I'm looking for similar software myself. I've been using an old version of Acronis TrueImage on an XP installation, and was prepared to upgrade to ATI 2010, but I understand that this version has been giving some problems with Windows 7, so I've been looking at alternatives.

Apart from ATI 2010 I'm considering
EASEUS ToDo Backup (completely free)
Paragon Drive Copy (trial version then licence required)
Paragon Backup & Recovery (free version available)
Macrium Reflect (free version available)

I'd be interested to know if anyone has experience of these alternatives and what success or issues they may have had, before I commit myself to something I may later regret.


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After testing the trial download I've now upgraded my Acronis TrueImage to ATI 2010 and it's working fine with W7 Home Premium x32


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My grandson's Dell Studio 17 was showing a message that the hard disk (250gb) was in danger of failing. Dell said they would replace the disk and I asked if I could keep the old disk for a while to attempt to get the data off. No probs, they said! So I bought a 320gb disk and using Acronis True Image managed to clone the disk.

I put the new disk in the PC and connected the old one with a Disk caddy and USB cable and loaded Acronis from the ATI bootable media. I then cloned the disk successfully, although it took nearly 24 hours.

So my grandson has all his old files and software exactly as it was when he started to have problems. He also has a new 250gb disk with Vista loaded on by Dell, just in case....

We also have a suspect 250gb disk waiting to be collected by Dell.

Do not worry about ATI working, or not, with Win 7 for cloning. It uses it's own system which is loaded from the bootable disk.


You can not go wrong with Clonezilla live, for many technical reasons. It does RAID no prob, many other scenarios...even network with multiple machine at once.

Partitions only or full drives.



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I have Acronis 2010 running on 64 bit OK. It recognises the RAID mirror as well. It appears there has been a fix pack as when I installed it the latest version was automatically downloaded from the Acronis web site.


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i've tried a Link Removed - Invalid URL[/URL] to back up my Win 7 system.

it works well to me.

hope it can help u, too.:redface:


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I have used HD Clone before and it is well easy to use and boots from dvd.


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There are various hard disk cloning applications can be seen on Internet as freeware.
Hard disk cloning freeware application supports various operating system and are also Link Removed - Invalid URL providing user to tackle their problems in every situation.

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