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I have an external hard disk of 640gb. But my system is unable to detect it.
all my drivers are working fine because pendrives can be detected.
The problem is with the hard disk only..
Can someone suggest a solution.???


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Go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management, storage, disk management. Does it show there at all?

no it doesnt show there..:(


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I will assume this is a USB device. Was it plugged in when you booted? If not, you can open Device Manager and Search for devices, and it may be found.

When you plug it in or is already plugged in, do any lights flash like it is being accessed?

What brand/model is the drive?

its a SATA drive...when i plug it in the light flashes only once..


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If you are using an eSATA port, it should be recognized. But there are so many different versions of external enclosures, it is hard to even guess.

Can you confirm that the external hard drive works on another computer?


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Just a FYI my external drive when connected via ESATA will only show up when the system is rebooted. Via USB it shows when plugged in, it is a Western digiital MYbook.

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