Hard disk problem?

I have this problem for a while now, I honestly do not know if this is a problem or not or a bug or god knows what.
From time to time, the hard drive makes a weird noise, like its blocked and when I look at the event viewer looks like this: The device, \ Device \ Harddisk0 \ DR0, Has a bad block.
I ran scandisk plus other programs, some have said I have no bad hard blocks (disk scan found no problems), others yes, but some were without a license and could not fix anything.
The thing is it happend the first time like a year go and if I format the computer and install windows again, everything disappears. Sometimes its does this hard block and the bad block very soon after i install the windows, somtimes it takes months, last time it happened it was like 5 months ago or something like that:(

And another little problem that happend when i tryed to install windows to get rid of the bad block thingy: i have Windows 7, I have no problems with it, goes well, I wanted to reinstall Windows, so i've inserted the dvd, restart the computer, it say to press any key pressed, pressed it, then goes the part that its loading files or something, then it restarts itself, normal stuff till now, , then it does that windows 7 loading and then there is that blue imagine in the backround where for the first time i think it gives you the option to choose region or something like that, but the problem is, that it doesn't appear that to me anymore, the mouse works and thats it, it gets stuck there, nothing happens. Tryed rebooting several times, every time it gets stuck there:(

Is it really a hard drive problem or maybe the motherbord is broken, although i change it like 5 months ago.


Ps: and if i have a bad block how do i repair it, whitout changing the hard disk?


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Hi Jack,

please check the screenshot and you'll see how to run a chkdsk. You'll need to righclick and choose properties on your main HDD. This will then run chkdsk on your next reboot which will hopefully fix any errors.

I tryed that 4 times before coming here, even got acronis disk director, but when i used that to give a scan disk it just used a normal windows scan disk, what a crappy program.
Anyway, i found a program, did a scan on my hard disk, and found this, i actually don't understand anything of this so:
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Forgot to say, scan disk didn't find any errors. Could it be just the windows or a program that is causing the block since when i reinstall the windows the problem just dissapears. But i don't understand why when i try to install windows it just stops working and doesn't go to the next step.

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Any thoughts?

Well, this can be closed, i solved the problem for now, made a backup of windows and just backed it up and the error seems to dissapear. I used the same program as a few posts up to check for errors, it seems to be gone. I don't understand, if its a hard disk error (bad block) or a system error, although curios that happens often but dissapears when you just reinstall or just back up windows.

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