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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Zepse7en, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Hey everyone

    so i was initially having a problem with my computer booting, it was a "missing operating system" issue...i trouble shot this in every way i could think of but nothing worked, i assumed i fried my drives, so i decided to do a clean install because all of my important files are on an external and i have all the key codes for my programs...i was initially just going to go out and by a new drive but in my last attempt of trying to fix things i switched the order of the drives in my bios (i have two drives in raid) and this allowed me to do a clean boot (i didnt reformat or anything i simply just reinstalled)...everything was working fine but there was a couple of wierd things, i did notice that my computer was only reading half of the memory even though both hdd's are plugged in...the next wierd thing i noticed is that every now and then my comp will freeze when i use a browser...i thought if i disabled one of the disks in my bios that might help but nothing...Any suggestions on how i could trouble shoot or should i just buy a new drive?

    much appreciated
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    Are you a knowledgeable RAID user and was able to set it up correctly? I have never used a RAID setup, so I cannot really advise on what might be going on, except possibly a problem in the way the system is currently configured, assuming your drives are OK.

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