hard drive access denied in windows 7

hey everyone,

i'd be interested if anyone had a thought as to why i can access a secondary local hard drive using my XP install, but WIN7 says that access is denied. can't view storage stats, can't run any diagnostics... etc.

thanks so much!



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you must take ownership of the drive or at least allow yourself the necessary permissions to access it.


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I have same problem too.

I have 2 winchester, in 1st there is 2 particions (XP&Win7) for the OP systems, and the 2nd winchester is the problem.

The win7 cant access the 2nd winchester only if I use the bitlocker, then if I use the bitlocker , I Can't see the data in XP because the 2nd winchester is encrypted:(

I don't want set the ntfs permissions, because I set it always both OP system

Somebody has an idea this in a case?

Thanks a lot

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