Hard Drive Access Denied

My 300Gb SATA HD is "Access Denied". It has Windows 7 OS, boots and the applications open files. The files cannot be accessed for copying and pasting to another drive. This is a dual boot system that has been stable for months. Intel MB, CPU, 8 GB RAM.

As a second drive in the dual boot/Vista setting, the HD is 'Access Denied" It is recognized correctly in the BIOS.

How do I unlock it, as an exercise. It is completely backed up so file loss is not an issue but I am not ready to format, nor do I thing it is a physical problem.

TIA Jim dryfire@bellsouth.net

You probably need to take ownership of the drive.

Go to the drive in computer -->right click -->propertied --> security tab, near the bottom click advanced --> owner tab --> click edit-->select your name -->click OK
hopefully that is all the holdup is.


That did it, many thanks.


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