Hard Drive Automatically Hides on Restart


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I have 7 pro x64. I have one hard drive I use to run windows from, along with a secondary one used to store data. Every time I restart the computer, the secondary hard drive gets hidden. I use Easeus Partition master to unhide the drive. It works perfect until I restart again.

I have tried changing registry settings on hiding hard drives, along with the typical built in windows methods to hide/unhide a hard drive.

Does anybody have any ideas on what is causing this??


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Go to control panel, admin tools, computer management, storage, disk management and compare the properties for each of the two drives.


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Is it a secondary HDD or a second partition of the first disk? Is it just losing the drive letter? Have you tried making it appear by assigning it a new letter?

You can try to use the free Easeus Partition Table Doctor http://www.ptdd.com/

There is also a solution from Microsoft:
When you resume a computer from sleep or from hibernation, the SATA hard disk drivers require the SATA hard disks to be ready within 10 seconds. However, a large SATA hard disk may take longer than 10 seconds to be ready. In this situation, the resume operation times out.

Here is the link to the HOTFIX:
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