Hard drive not accessible!


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I am running Windows 7 Pro (64). I have 2 hard drives installed. The (C) keeps my system and program files. A second 1GB hard drive is used for back-ups, pictures, music, etc. I checked and recked all permissions, and they are in order. There is only one user on the computer...Admin. I was able to access the drive up until a few weeks ago. I am able to scan the drive with Microsoft Security Essentials. I am able to access the drive while in safe mode...but for some reason I get this message while attempting to access it while in normal mode.

Location is not available
F:\ is not accessible
Access Denied

Any thoughts?

Abhi Nash

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I had this error when I used windows XP,I had this error when I had AVG Anti-Virus Installed.Check if you have it installed If you have try uninstalling it...Still If you get the error try restoring your PC If the error still persists open the drive using Internet Explorer and No I am not insane,IE opens it as a Local Connection then check if you have any malicious files in it...Try uninstalling all Utility and Third Party Security software.

Hope this helps


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A screen shot of of Disk Management would greatly help. Also if you could fill in your system specs would be appreciated. With that information we can see if its a hardware or software issue.

With what information you provided, I'm guessing that your hard drive was mis-labeled and is why your getting that error message. Just a guess.


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"Location is not available " would suggest that the drive has no drive letter. Can you see it in My Computer?


Seems odd, too, that the drive letter be 'F'... bit high in the alphabet. Will look @ the Disc Mgt screen shot but, right now, I can't see why it wouldn't/shouldn't be 'D' or no more than, 'E', maybe. Guess I have similar concerns as 'whs'.