Hi everyone..
After i reinstall my PC, i have question about the hard drive, because this was a first time i reinstall a PC, idk what shoud i do with the hard drive, the hard drive was showing only local disk C, i used one software and i split it but on C and E, i want to change the "Local Disk E to Local Disk D" ..
and the second question/problem is: my Hard drive is 500gb, but Local disk C have a 57,1gb and E has a 99,9gb, where is the other 340gb?!


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If you could take a screen clip of Disk Management and post it here maybe someone can tell you what is going on.

Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions.

Use the Snipping Tool.
Save it to the desktop and select Insert Image above.



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To change drive letters: Your optical drive will be set as drive D. To change the drive letters you need to go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management, storage, disk management.

First right click on the optical drive and change the drive letter to F.
The right click on your new drive and change it from E to D.
Finally right click on the optical drive again and change it to E.

Do you see? -308gb of the hard drive is unlocated.. how can i make Local disk to have 100gb and D to get 380gb ?!!
btw click on the image to see it!

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Ok i do some how now.. but now E is 408 and C have a 57gb.. i want C to have 100gb and E (D) to get about 350gb...
i try to change the letter but wont change to D, first i change it to F but i try again to change to D but there is no D letter.....


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You need to read my instructions more carefully I think - change D to F, then E to D, then F to E.

done tnx, but what about the storage of the hard drive, i want 100gb on C and about 350gb on D :X

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