Windows 7 hard-drive recognition issues


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Jan 18, 2009
im dual-booting windows vista and 7. i partitioned my hard drive so I now have recovery (D) (it came with the dell), OS (C) and the partition I installed 7 on, called Partition (A). When I boot into Windows 7, it recognizes Recovery as D, and Partition as C. My actual C drive, OS, is not seen. Because of this, I cannot use Windows 7 regularly, as all of my important data is on C. Any help?

Go to Control Panel>Administrative tools>computer management>disk management> Locate the disc and right click and assign a letter to it. In Windows 7 it default does not assign a drive letter to it for security reasons.

took me a second to find administrative tools but i did. Thanks a bunch.

Using that method in win7, can you change the drive letters for all the partitions that exist? including primary and secondary drives?

indeed you can change them as long as 7 recognizes that they are there. You can even change the letters for your cd/dvd drives.