Windows 7 Hard drive security permissions question.


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May 6, 2009
So the one big thing that really bugs the heck outa me with Win7, is that it labels me as some malicous program. How would a computer think I'm being evil you may ask? Well go ahead and try and save an image from the internet by right clicking on it, and attempting to save it to a different partition then Win7.

Not into saving pictures? Try and save any file you download off the internet onto another partition. Win7 calls you on it and says NO NO NO NO NO!

Now I want to know how I can tell the computer to shut up and let me save files where I like. I already right clicked on the drive and I supposedly have all the right permisions but I can't do it anyway. So I'm stuck downloading the files and manually cuting and pasting them over.

That problem is insignificant to my other quondery. I have an external hard drive, heck who doesn't these days; I often work off of it with documents etc. that I need to save constantly so incase of a crash, I haven't lost a lot of work. So upon plugging in my hard drive Windows goes through and tries to scan all 350ish gigs of stuff to try and make my life easier. Not wanting to sit through 5 minutes of scanning I turned Auto play off.

But that's not what I am here to make a case for. Windows 7 will not let me save files when I open and modify them on the hard drive. My little notes.txt file I keep in the main root for well, making notes, will not let me save it if I add something to it. I have to drag it to the desktop, save it, then drag it back to the hard drive. So I have fixed this little program by right clicking on the hard drive and giving me all permisions. After waiting 5 minutes for it to scan the 350ish gigs of space to tell if I ACTUALLY have permision to edit MY OWN files, it let me save my little notes.txt file.

I really don't want to have to do that for every external storage device I attach, so can someone tell me how I can fix this annoying deliema? And I would like a little comentary on why I have to go through such hassels to deal with using my own computer.
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I really can't understand how that happened, but have you had Windows 7 for a while and.or is it the most recent RC directly from Microsoft?

This certainly is not the default behavior with Windows 7.

Try right-clicking on the individual drive letters, choose properties, click the Security tab, click the Edit tab, select your username, and click the Full Control checkbox.

Another thing you can do to avoid nagging messages is to go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and click the Change user account Control settings and set it to Never Notify.

Only do this as long as you have good anti-virus, spyware detector and/personal firewall.
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I've been testing things with Windows 7 since the first public beta came out. This is one of the reasons I stopped using it because off these messages. It's not the UAC that's doing it, it just will not let me play with other hard drives nicely.

I've checked security for my other hard drive and I have complete control. On the externals though I have to manually set my access.

And here I thought being an administrators account meant something.
I don't understand why you're having these problems.

I have never had any problems like this and I have two hard drives with 3 partitions each, and an external USB drive that is constantly connected as well.

If you're not using the official RC release from MS, I'd suggest you download and do a "clean" install.

Somewhere along the line your permissions got screwed up and a fresh install should not have these issues you are having.
The problem is I didn't edit anything and I just installed the RC. I had the same problem with the previous build 7000. I'm getting a new hard drive in a few days so I will see if installing it on there will change anything.
What constitutes a "clean" install??

I was thinking I did a clean install by Not install Win 7 over a previous version of Win 7.

I have Win XP installed.. then .. I install Win 7 on another partition... all by itself.
I get the Dual Boot option when I start up my computer.. Win 7 or Earlier version of Windows

Is that a clean install? Or do I need to install Win 7 on a drive all by its lonesome?

You're fine installing it to a separate partition.

When you install Windows 7 there is an option to upgrade. As long as you have chosen the second method (which, believe it or not I can't remember the exact wording):redface:, you're OK.
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