Hard Drive Space Error?


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I recently (1 week) moved from Vista to the RC with a clean install that was supposed to format my laptops hard drive. Now when I view my C: drive's properties it says 168gb used and 33gb free space. I have a couple word docs and maybe 1gb of music that I've actually put on since I installed win7 so whats doing this? How can I get win7 to show my true used space and/or clean the hard drive without completely reinstalling?

I used the partition manager to check and all the space in is my main C: partition so thats not the issue, any ideas?

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set your c:\ drive to view by detail and tell us which folder is taking up all the space. Is it your Windows Directory?


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I've googled and can't figure out how to "view by detail" what do you mean and how can I do that?

(if you mean just changing the view option to details within my C: it does not list the sizes of the folders)

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So your using the 64-bit edition

You can delete the C:\windows.old directory

The C:\Program Files (x86) is for 32-bit apps. As an example you can run the 32-bit version of IE8.

That's still a hell of a lot of wasted space.

I might suggest you download a duplicate file finder.

Here's a couple links"

Duplicate File Finder

http://www.bigbangenterprises.de/en/doublekiller]Double Killer[/URL]

Make sure to create a restore point first and make absolutely sure they are exact duplicates.

Any question, just post back.

I suggest u run checkdisk by going to command prompt and type "chkdsk c:\ /f"
then press y when it asks to schedule for next time.

In ur case it may the case of orphaned files or wrong display of free space problem.
Try and tell what happened..

I recently (1 week) moved from Vista to the RC with a clean install that was supposed to format my laptops hard drive.
Seems your clean install failed miserably. Do what the others said otherwise you may just want to do another fresh installation to save you the hassle of deleting all the old files,


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I second that.

It would save a lot of frustration.

You Can Also Give More Information By Posting Analyses Of C in Disk Analyser Availabele In Windows 7

Something like this...

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