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Dell 8300 xps, 6 GB,

I see urgent at the Dell site for driver update to the hard drive.
Dell replaced my original hard drive two months ago.
How do I match the one I have with the one they want to update. I have seached everyywhere to see if any of the numbers in device manager or system information matche the F??? designation at the upload site.
If you could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.
Thank you


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Hard drives normally do not require driver updates, but use the SATA controller, which should be the same for all drives. If there is something different about the drive, or if you are having a specific problem, let us know.

Device Manage will normally display the serial number of the drive.


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Let me see if I can gather more information and get back to, you such as the seriel number.


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When I go to the Dell driver site and enter my service tag it says I have a Samsung hard drive needing an urget update.

I hope this heps you.
My hard drive was changed by Dell a few months ago as I said.

Wen I use the Dell dx tool built into the software or that came with the os, it says i have a Seagate hard drive.
I went to disc management and it says the same as device manage = ST31000528AS but I don't know if that is Seagate or Samsung..
I do not know which source I should base my judgements upon.
I do not know how to take the drive out and see if the name is on it.
Is there one place you can tell what the drive is?



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The drive is a Seagate 1TB SATA II drive.

Search Results: hard drive st31000528as

Since I cannot connect to the Dell site to see what update they are suggesting, the only thing I might think of is some type of installed software updates or maybe a bios update to handle a larger hard drive.

I suppose you have not allowed the Dell update? Are they asking you to pick an update based on the type of drive?


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I worked on the issue and it does appear that Dell put a Seagate drive in but did not update the database.
I Binged the numbers form the device manager and Dell's support center which is preloaded and found it was Seagate so I went to Seagate. They have a neatprogram which allows you to run various tests. It is not user freindly but if I can do it, anyone can. I ran some tests and it passed.
There are some other little apps you can do with it.
Thank you for your help.

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