Hard Reset, Not BSOD

For the past few days my Windows 7 computer would reset to BIOS. No warnings, just BAM! hard reboot of the computer.

I've unchecked the box under computer/properties that would Automatically Restart the system on crash. So that's just one thing I've tried in order to try to find the issue.

I think this may be a driver issue but I'm not sure. I've installed several iterations of the graphics drivers and other things but the issue remains.

I originally thought it was an issue with certain areas in the Skyrim Creation Kit. It seemed, up until this morning, that one little spot in the editor and the system would reboot, every time. But this morning I was looking at the screen and it reset....my hand wasn't even on the mouse. Like a ghost reached down and hit the reset button on the case. The crashes have not happened unless the Skyrim Creation Kit is running, however, the CK is almost always running anyways.

I'm fairly certain this is a heat related issue because it didn't start until the temps in the house started to rise. However, using "RealTemp", the temperature hovers around 37-40c idle and about 55-60c under load, which is quite good (because of the water cooler probably).

I've posted about this problem on the forums at Bethsoft too: CTD? Naw...Reboot? Yay! - Bethesda Softworks Forums

What I think I need is an app that will create a dump of things like temps etc when the crash occurs.

I've look at the Event Viewer and it shows a generic error about power being lost (Duh! The computer reset lol)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My Setup:

Win7 x64
Norton Internet Security 2012
Core-I7 2600K @ 4ghz
H60 water cooler (for CPU)
Asus P8P67 Deluxe mainboard
8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1866 (CAS 9) RAM
MSI GTX-580oc Geforce video card
128 GB Crucial RealSSD C300 System drive (SSD) + 3 other drives
1,000w Ultra X3 modular PSU


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You have a power supply large enough, but with your problem, that would be one thing I would have looked into. Plus all connections related to it, including the one to the wall.

Is the 4GHz the Turbo Boost from the ASUS board, or are you overclocking?

I don't suppose it is leaving any Dump files laying around. Since it isn't Blue Screening, maybe not, but you might check.

Could Norton be interacting with anything, does it keep any logs?

If you do not find something, I would start downloading the system by downloading any devices you can afford to run without.

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