Harddrive Errors ?


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I started having some severe system hang - checked event viewer and found "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\DR0" many times over.

I have an EVGA 680i SLI (122-CK-NF68) - updated chipset/storage drivers - no fix.

I opted to reload Windows. Previously I had two stand-alone HDDs - I setup a Raid 0 and cleared the MBR before starting the new install.

"Expanding Windows Files" seemed to take much longer than usual and during the final phase of setup I got "Windows could not configure one or more system components". I repartitioned and formatted and tried again - this time after the initial reboot just as its attempting to load Windows to finish installation (before the point I got the above error) there was an error (too fast to see) and the system reboot itself and continued this cycle till I shut it off.

I've had this machine for about 4 years and reload Windows about every 6-8 months. The above two errors back to back seemed like more than coincidence.

I'm not much of a hardware guy - I need some help starting my troubleshooting. Should I start by replacing cables, then hard drives? Something else?

Thanks for any assistance.



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I reseated cables to my HDDs and MB and files expansion during installation was much faster and installation overall was successful.

Hopefully this will resolve the controller error as well.


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