hardly anything is working properly

i just installed a fresh copy of windows 7 ultimate x64 rtm

it installed okay and ran just fine, but practically nothing runs. firefox refuses to start. google chrome won't install. utorrent won't load. ccleaner won't load. pretty much anything that isn't 64-bit isn't working, which is basically everything.

oh, and half the time the control panel won't work.

and when i right click the desktop and click personalize, it sits there for a minute or two and then says server execution failed.

any ideas? i've tried reinstalling things, rebooting, using system restore...nothing seems to want to work.

Joe S

Excellent Member
Is this a legit copy or a download from torrent sites? Did you do a hash check? Maybe the download or disk you burned is corrupt.

ah, i figured it out

i burned another copy at the slowest rate just to make sure, then i slowly checked everything after i installed drivers...it ended up being my sound card. i tried the windows 7 drivers, but they didn't work, so i guess i'm just gonna use the onboard sound and sell the card. oh, well.

thanks though :)

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