Hardware Monitoring Broken CPU ?

I am really satisfied with Windows 7- I installed it on my ASUS pro31jc Notebook and it runs almost perfect. I only have isues with my Laptop (not with Windows 7) and my Problem is following:

My Laptop Fan is too loud, maybe it is because its too old. Maybe my Fan is working as it should and i never Recognized the sound because i was HEaring Music or was playing Games all the Time.
I used the ASUS tool "Powe 4 Gear" the XP version worked perfectly under Windows 7 and i got a nice result. Satisfaction is the death of desire ... so i decided that my Notebook still is too loud and installed NHC2.0 (the Notebook Hardware Control)

In this nice Programm you have the Option to set the CPU speed at a level of your Choice - i just tried to set the CPU Speed at 50% max. so it wouldn't heat up and i could decrease the fan speed to a level where the CPU temperature is at a Minimum with the lowest Fan activity needed.

After setting my CPU to 50% Speed i noticed that it still jumps to 100% from time to time for almost a second or so. Is a controller broken ? or is it normal

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