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Hello, so i recently reinstalled my computer to factory new.

I downloaded Win8 then did all the windows update and then moved on to Win8.1
After i reinstalled my computer i had my sound stutters, which makes this
sound. This is very annoying of course.

Drivers or programs like Spotify or Nvidia shouldnt have a effect on this.
The sound stutter started before i downloaded any programs/drivers.

I have been researching around and havent really found much of fixes for my problem.
I did find some more problems with my computers.
When i start playing a game, the game also starts stuttering, it also cut the power because of this i would think.

My monitors also turn off and on sometimes and says it dosent get enought signal.

Is this Motherboard and CPU problem? do i need to buy new hardware.

Here is my specs:
Intel i5 2500K 3.30GHz
GTX 770
Corsair RM 750W

I did had GTX 770 SLI, until i returned my card because of issuses with it.
The problem with all this actually when i started the computer the day after i had removed the 2nd GPU from my system and returende it to the producer.

Thank you.

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Did your pc come with Windows pre-installed?


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Need your complete system specs please? What brand and wattage PSU do you have?


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Hello patcooke.

No my computer is custom built.

Hello bassfisher6522
Check thread should be updated

Thanks for reply

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