hardware reserved memory has gone nuts! please help!

Well here is my latest disaster.

I upgraded the memory in my lenovo T400

Acording to the specs it will take 8gig

Im aware that im running 32 bit version so i will only see 4 but now it only shows 2.46
with 8 gig installed

I have read alot about this and im at a stand still. I have already done all proposed fixes

Bios Update
Memory remapping
msconfig fig
Changing memory slots etc

Does anyone have any ideas

according to the resource monitor it is holding 5gig!!!!! as hardware reserved.

Any help would be so great. thanks

Heres a shot of it



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In a 32 Bit environment, the max Ram that can be seen is about 3.5 GB, not 4 GB. However, the system may use a portion of your Ram, hence only 2.46 GB useable for your computing needs. Unless you are looking to change to 64 Bits, the extra Ram is just wasted, sorry.

MS does have some suggestions to optimize Win 7 for better performance. There are many sites with more suggestions. Just do a Google Search for Win 7 Performance Tweaks. I know these 2 items are slightly off topic, but may help to make your system operate a little faster.


Ted no disrepect but did you even read my post?

I said that very same thing in my post. Im aware that it will not see anything more then 4gig less the memory for hardware.

Did you look at the picture i posted? it is showing 2.46 that is unacceptable and a far cry from 3.5 as most video cards shoulw only reserve a few mb

There are numerous threads on this issue however none of the current propsed fixes worked which is why i wanted to see if anyone know anything else.

it is reserveing over 5GIG for hardware
There is obviously something wrong

Thanks for the ideas though

Joe S

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Things like integrated video cards dig in to the memory so you may not have the full 3.5 shown as usable. If you have 32 bit why did you add so much ram it won't be able to use?


it got 8gig because beelive it or not it was cheaper then two 2 gig stick
I understand it will never see the 8 gig that is fine, i knew that going in. this is a laptop with a medicore video card. After reveiwing other posts it should be eating 5mb for hardware serve not 1.5 GIG

That is what im trying to figure out
And i may switch to 64 bit later so if i do the ram is there.
but mainly did it because it was cheaper

Thanks for the video card idea though

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