Windows 7 Hauppage Win TV PVR-1100 (HVR-67XX ) only Analog TV works


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Hi there
Can't get the Terrestial Digital channels to work on W7 (both X-64 / x-32). Works fine in Vista X-64.
The card is a "hybrid" type which has both a traditional Analog and a Terrestial Digital TV receiver in it. After scanning the Analog channels (does this Ok -- In UK get BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Ch 4, CH5) no problem. Starts to scan the digital ("Freeview - unencrypted Free to Air channels -- around 60 TV and 40 radio in UK at the moment depending on location). Program just HANGS.

Since we are losing all Analog TV soon - the whole of the UK will be digital TV only by I think 2010/ beginning 2011- I hope this is fixed in a W7 final. I've looked at the Hauppage UK Forums but they are keeping any mention of W7 restricted saying they are under a NDA. Doesn't do much for Customer Relations if they can't even say if they are WORKING on a version for W7. The hardware is a CARD not a USB device.

This is probably one piece of hardware I'll junk anyway as the Pinnacle USB stick I have for my laptop works just fine on W7 X-64 -- you get a warning saying (also in Vista X-64) that running on a 64 bit system is only "Experimental" -- i.e you are on your own if it doesn't work but no probs with it both on Analog / Digital other than it's not very easy to connect an Outside antenna to it.