Have 2 Problems, Please help me.


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Hi all.

First, i'm the Administrator, and using administrator account.
every time i access to a folder in the Drivers. (C,E,D,F) tell you need permission !
is this a joke ? does i need everytime to press continue to access a folder ?
i want to disable this thing.

and Second, Windows explorer is sensitive, whatever i do, it tell windows explorer stop working.
when exiting a game, open an application,etc....

today i just convert a .flv file to .mp3 after it done, i exit the application then this annoying message appear.

can anybody solve this ?


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The first issue is probably a result of UAC (User Account Control) settings. "i want to disable this thing" if that's really what you want to do then, open control panel and in the top right next to the word Category click the drop down arrow and choose small icons, then click "User Accounts" then click "Change User Account Control settings" slide the bar all the way to the bottom and that should accomplish that.
The second issue is probably due to a legacy software issue, depending on what program you are using that is causing explorer.exe to crash you might try, right clicking on the program's executeable and using the compatability tab experiment with different compatablility settings.

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but it turned it off before.

and second i don't run much incompatible programs,
i thought the problem because of Bitdefender IE 2009.
i remove it, but no use.


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Can you take a screen shot of the error message / prompt that you are getting when you are trying to open a folder, etc and post it back here.
Second check your event logs following an explorer crash to determine the faulting application, process or service.

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