Windows 7 Have Daul Boot Visa and W-7 on same hard drive and


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I wonder if this is a problem or if its the way it should work... Whats happening is I installed Vista first on C: drive and then installed Windows 7 on D: drive. Vista sees both drives correctly as C, and D but Windows 7 shows it is also on a Drive C: and does not recognize any other drive letters except for the cd/dvd letter? Windows 7 is on D: , I looked at the drive from command prompt and they look just like they were installed and everything is running and was installed smoothly. It just seems strange that both systems say they are on C: drive. Is this something to be concerned about or do you think it is normal? I would hate to build both systems back and then find out that the installation is corrupt.

BTW--Also have Ubuntu installed on the 3rd and 4th partition and it doe not show up or can see or be seen by windows, I think that probably is because of the different format systems.

Nothing to be concerned about. It is a "normal" function of 7. Actually Vista did thr same. They assert themselves as C, and everything else drops into place under that. It plays hell with your paths.
You can avoid it by installing 7 (or Vista) from within the other OS. For example, if you have Vista, already on C: and install 7 by running the DVD from Vista, 7 will then become D. which is what we desire.
Yor other problem, with 7 not seeing the other partitions/drives. :
Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management.
You will see in the window which then appears, that the other partitions/Hard disks, have no letters. Assign letters -( Right click each partition - "Change Drive leters and paths")
You will now be able to see the other partitions/paths from 7.
Thank you Davehc that worked perfectly. I thought that might be a big problem at first but the 3 systems seemed like they were getting along ok lol:)