Have two hard drives, when I remove one, windows will not boot

Hello, i have two hard drives:
A 250gb and a 1TB

When I installed windows I chose the 1TB, but just left my other in there as it had some files I wanted on it. Now when I try to remove the 250gb drive, windows will not boot up.

I tried marking the 250gb drive as inactive, but then during boot up it would say bootmgr is missing, so i had to use the installation disk then mark as active again.

Attached a pic of my disk manager


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The Windows install placed the boot files on the primary drive set in the Bios, in this case the smaller drive..

You might keep the smaller drive as inactive, but make the 1TB partition (the windows one) active.

Then, open an administrative command prompt and type the following:

bcdboot C:\Windows /s C:

This takes the replacement boot files from the Windows directory and places them in the C: directory. But that partition has to be active for it to boot.

Some folks will suggest using EasyBCD, which is also a good choice to set up the boot, if you prefer. But remember, Windows 7 will try to boot to the first active partition it comes to. So the 1TB drive should be primary in the bios, and the OS partition should contain the boot files and be active.

If you feel like taking a snipping tool picture of the Disk Management window and attaching using the paperclip on the advanced replies, we can verify the situation.

Woohoo! Thanks saltgrass, that fixed it! Thank you!!

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