Having Trouble Burning a DVD

I have never burned a DVD before and was wondering how to do it. I tried using Windows DVD Maker, but when I went to add the video files it said that they were not the correct format. It said that it was not a supported file type and could not be imported. Then I tried to burn the DVD using Windows Media Center, and it gave me this error message

"one or more of the files you have selected is not a supported file type and cannot be added to the list"

The files are mp4 that I have ripped from a DVD, so I was wondering what I need to do to be able to burn the DVD, like what file type or whatever. This is kind of frustrating, so I would be grateful for any help.

Thanks in advance

The supported input file types of Windows DVD Maker are listed on this page:
For quick reference, they are:

  • Video files: '.asf', '.avi', '.dvr-ms', '.m1v', '.mp2', '.mp2v', '.mpe', '.mpeg', '.mpg', '.mpv2', '.wm', and '.wmv'.
  • Audio files: '.aif', '.aifc', '.aiff', '.asf', '.au', '.mp2', '.mp3', '.mpa', '.snd', '.wav', and '.wma'.
  • Picture files: '.bmp', '.dib', '.emf', '.gif', '.jfif', '.jpe', '.jpeg', '.jpg', '.png', '.tif', '.tiff', and '.wmf'.
You're going to need to find a video-converting program to get one of those file types. Presumably then you would be able to add the files to a Windows DVD Maker project.

ok I did the conversion to .wmv and i was able to add it to the DVD Maker but the it said there was an error while burning the DVD so it wasn't able to do it.
Then I tried it with the Windows Media Center and it got to about 11 percent and then stopped and said there was an error and it was unable to burn the DVD

What do I do in this case, it was able to add the videos to the programs to be able to burn, but then it says its unable to burn

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