Having trouble changing the view of 2 particular libraries

I accidentally changed the way I view at both Documents and Pictures under Libraries and need help figuring out how to change it back to the way it was. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like now:

As you can see in this image (circled in red), right above my folders it shows the name of the library, the amount of folders in it, and its location ["My Documents (10) - C:\Users\Sammy Rivera"]. I don't want it to show that though, and it never had up until last night. Still not sure what I did to accidentally change it. All I know is it used to look this way, WITHOUT that info:

Also, whatever I did only changed the view in Documents and Pictures; Music and Videos still look the same, without the additional information. And switching from List to Details to Tiles, etc. isn't changing anything either. Can anyone please help?? Thanks!



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Try right clicking in the window and Group By-more. You may have a Folder option checked to group. When you check those boxes, it moves them to the top of the list.

There also appears to be a "Clear Changes" option under the Arrange option, I believe...

I tried that already but there is no folder option... This is so frustrating. :-/


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That seems a little strange since I duplicated, almost, what you show and was able to get right back out.

I am in Linux right now, so I will check when I get back to Windows, but what check marks do you show for the Groupings?

I was able to fix it! I simply deleted both Documents and Pictures under Libraries, and then selected Restore Default Libraries. They were both restored with the same view as before the change. Thanks anyway!!

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