Having trouble installing language packs


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I'm trying to get my computer to recognizing Japanese and Korean. When I first got this new laptop with Windows 7 I downloaded the language packs and everything was working fine. But today my computer suddenly stopped reading both languages and instead I get little squares that kind of look like this. []

I've tried following the tutorials to install the language packs and I've downloaded them both numerous times but can't figure out how to install them. All the tutorials lead me to the Keyboard and Languages tab in the Control panel and I don't know where to go from there.

I go to the Control Panel, click on Region and Language, and go to Keyboards and Languages and this is all I see.


What should I do now?

Welcome to the forums, Unnie.

MUI's can be used with the Ultimate version ONLY:

Windows 7: Compare Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate

(Windows 7 RC's were all ultimate, this is why you could install MUI's)



If you need to be using MUI's but you don't have the Ultimate version, you may want to study this method (which is not official and you can use it only at your own risk:


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