HD 7770 or HD 6850 or others?

Well... I am thinking of buying a graphics card for a new build. I am thinking along the lines of a HD 7770. I know this card is a solid overclocker and packs lots of new technologys such as ZeroCore. But it sometimes gets beaten by the HD 6850. I am still leaning towards the 7770 because of the lower price and lower watts needed to run and because of that I can crossfire in the future without a new PSU. Is my decision right or wrong? And also are there any other cards around the same price that would be a better choice? (Not GTX 550ti)


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I happen to have a nVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (GF114-400) --- almost the one you don't want!

You could take a look here: PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmark Charts

... or various Overclockers sites, like AMD Radeon Graphics - Overclockers UK, since you seem to be somewhat familiar in that way.

To make the perfect decision is neigh to impossible. That much I can say for sure. :)

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