HD-video stuttering

I completely upgraded my pc lately after a crash. Windows 7-64 bit, I used to have Windows XP Pro. I noticed that when playing hd-movies on the 24'' screen the video slightly stutters. Not after just switching on the pc, but later on. Also seems that RealPlayer doesn't give these effects, while WMP does. It seems it just happens with hd-movies, not ordinary youtube clips.

There could be several reasons. I've read that aero settings are consuming. My video camera software warns specifically for aero settings (and the pan views from that software are not smooth now).

It could be the graphic card, Geforce 6600GT which is 7 years old and just has 128 MB memory. It worked okay with hd-movies in XP Pro, but maybe Win 7 64 and aero settings require much more memory? It could be overheating as the problem occurs after a while. Latest drivers installed on the graphic card but no changes.

Anybody, any idea? I'm happy to buy a more powerful graphic card for my video editing later on, just want to be sure that this is the problem.

Hi Bassfisher,

The drivers were updated yesterday, but today the driver you suggested was added to the Nvidia-website and I've downloaded it. I haven't discovered any error so far, but I haven't been working very much on the pc tonight. I have the impression that the error occurs after a while, not right away. A theory is that the GPU gets too hot (how do you see the temperature of it?) but the reason it gets too hot must be that it works harder than with my old pc setup.

A suspicion is that the Geforce 6600 GT just has 128 MB memory. Browsing thru netstores today reveals that the average memory is 1 GB on modern GPU's.

I've also read somewhere that the Aero-mode in Windows 7 uses an awful lot of graphic power. All that combined: new OS, better screen solution, Windows Media Player used to play (always used a free RealPlayer before) and the aero-setting demands much more power from the GPU than before. What do you think about that? I'm a finance guy, no technician, I have no clue what goes on behind the black pc box. Just want it to work.

Yes...that very well could be your problem with onboard memory of the GPU. My GPU is ATI 4800 series, with 512mb ram and I can play just about anything out there.

You could try turning Areo off and see how that works. control panel >select "appearance and personalization" / "Personalization" / between the themes, select "Windows 7 Basic">

Personally I would opt for a better GPU, with a minimum of 512mb of RAM.

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