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Windows 7 HDD isnot recognized from vista after some time.


New Member
May 11, 2009
i already have vista and xp. 4 hdds so i have many partitions to install new win 7. After installation everything was ok and all the three windows (7 32 bit - vista 32 bit - xp) was working fine.

after a few reboots vista and xp stopped recognize the win 7 HDD.
when i open windows explorer in vista or xp i can see the HDD but with no info for it (free disk space e.t.c.)
when i click on it it keeps searching and finally returns an error (I/O problem with the device)
if i reboot in win 7 everything is normal and all the disks are recognized. (So no hardware problem)
Finally the win 7 partition drive is accessible only through win 7
The strange thing is that in the first few times the disk was acessible through vista or xp too.
why this happened after sometime of the win 7 installation and not right after the installation?
Has anything to do with updates?
The disk is 1.5 TB but up to know was working fine with all windows.

Does win 7 make any changes to NTFS system so its not fully compatible with the older windows versions?

any suggestions?

PS. this happened two times. The first time i formatted the drive and i reinstlled win 7.
Same thing, at the beginning everything was ok and after some reboots (two days after) the win 7 HDD was no acessible from the older versions

tnx for your abvice,
vangelis skordas
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