HDD Issue - Resulting From Windows 7 Upgrade


I have a unusual problem and I'm seeking guidance on resolving it. I am a musician and this is a problem associated with the use of my DAW and activating a recent plug-in purchase.

Background: About 6 months ago I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade: to upgrade from Vista. I didn'trealize at the time that the Windows 7 upgrade would not totally replace Vista (i.e. be a clean install). In essence the upgrade set up a separate partition with Vista existing in one partition and Windows 7 in another partition. I have since set up my Cubase 6.5 and all my plug-ins on the Windowspartition without incident and everything runs well for my single songwriter setup, even though it is an older Core 2 processor.

My problem: For Xmas, I decided to purchase a Waves plug-in to use for mixing audio. I made the purchase and attempted to download the plug-in using the Waves V9 installer. V9 downloads and installs correctly HOWEVER: and here it where it gets weird: the Waves License Center does not recognize the partition where Cubase 6.5 is installed (i.e. the Windows 7 partition on my H: Drive). Instead it only recognizes the partition where Vista is installed (C: Drive). The bottom line is that the Waves plugin cannot be activated because it does not recognize V9 where the Cubase and the Waves
plug-in are installed.

Efforts to Date: I worked with Waves yesterday and after extensive attempts to get the Waves License Center to recognize the H: Drive (to no avail), we decided to
download the activation code to a USB drive. However, the problem there is that I still must use the Waves License Center to activate the plug-in and the Waves License Center is saying that it does not recognize the USB drive. What a dilemna.

Alternatives: As I see it, I have the
following alternatives:

a. Wipe out 6 months of work, reformat
everything, buy a single license of W7 and start over. (Ugghhh.)

b. Go back to Waves to see if there is any way that the USB Drive can be recognized by V9 on the H partition.

c.Try to get Cubase 6.5 to open on my C Drive with Vista as the operating system (don't know if this is feasible), and authorize the Waves plug-in from my C: Drive. Once
authorized, my problem might be resolved. The problem with this approach is that Cubase relies on files in the H:Drive Windows 32 sub-folder to execute. I am not an expert in this, and have serious reservations about copying and pasting files from the current H: partition to the C: partition without hearing from others who may be able to shed some
light on the potential risks and benefits of this alternative.

d. Contacting Microsoft to see if there is any way that the H: Drive can be recognized as the computer HD instead of the C: Drive.

I really need some help with this one. Any thoughts from “techies” on the forum would be appreciated.

Thanks, Joe


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A Windows 7 upgrade will install where you tell it. If it is on a separate partition, you must have chosen it during the install.

Even if that were the case, when booted into Windows 7, it should show as C: no matter which partition it is on. The only time I have seen it showing a different drive letter is when something was cloned, but strange things can happen.

You might post a picture of you Disk Management picture taken with the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip on Advanced Replies.

Would you want to try to reinstall the upgrade and place it over the Vista install?

Do you have an image backup of your current system?

You can change the drive letters in the Registry, but I am not sure it would work if the Windows 7 registry is referring to H: instead of C: .

Thank you Salt Grass. I decided to do a clean reinstall of Windows 7. It's taken some time but everything is working as it supposed to. Thank you for your thoughts and comments.



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